Alternative Valentine’s Day Flowers

Ok so it’s Valentine’s day this week, you already know that unless you’ve been living under a rock. Whilst there is a time and a place for roses, I sometimes feel that they can be overkill and a little too cliche to gift roses to your valentine. Florist shops become a sea of red and pink at this time of year; it’s hard to show that you’ve been thoughtful and original.

I want to showcase some alternative seasonal blooms that I think are more beautiful, so that you can wow your loved ones this week.

Icelandic Poppies

Icelandic poppies are so very blousey and feminine. Their petals are delicate, only lasting for a few days. But whilst they are with us, their fragility is so beautiful. In shades of orange, pale nude pink and yellow, these flowers are perfect for someone with a modern style aesthetic. Teamed with eucalyptus, they make a trendy bunch and will bring sunshine to your home.

icelandic poppies


Quite a mouthful of a name, but oh my, these flowers are so pretty. Ranunculus come in standard and butterfly varieties. The standard variety have so many layered petals that fold out like a rose. They come in beautiful rich colours, from deep pinks to reds, and also softer pink tones and white. Butterfly ranunculus are smaller and have fewer petals. They look beautiful mixed in with the standard variety and come in shades of pink and lemon yellow. These flowers are perfect for someone who appreciates pretty things and has a more classic taste. It’s the perfect time to enjoy these fleurs as they are in season right now. Mix them up with a few white roses, wax flower and dark green foliage for a beautiful bouquet.


Not to be confused with fauna under the sea, anemones are also a variety of flower, and one of my favourites. The white variety have a deep, dark centre and give gorgeous contrast in any bouquet. They also come in a deep red or purple shades too, which look incredibly striking paired with white flowers. These beauties are ideal for a wild, rustic effect. If you want to look like you’ve just skipped through a meadow scooping up flowers, then anemones are for you. I like to mix them with meadow-looking flowers, like ammi and daisies, with lots of bushy foliage.



I hope I’ve given you some inspo to make this V-Day extra special. Why not surprise your Valentine or Palentine with a beautiful, seasonal bunch?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

pink flowers